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Meet Our Team

In order to support and build capacity in parents, our team of professionals uses a Primary Service Provider (PSP) approach to service delivery.  This means that every child and every family have a full team (PT, OT, Speech Pathologists, Early Childhood Special Educator, Dietician, Social Worker, and more) supporting and available to them, but one person functions as the primary support for the family.


What is a Primary Service Provider?

The Primary Service Provider (PSP) is chosen with input from the whole team based on who is the best match for the child and family. This person is the primary point of contact and the provider the child and family will interact with most often.


What is a Family Service Coordinator?

The Primary Service Provider also supports the family as the child's Family Service Coordinator (FSC).

The FSC is assigned to each child/family upon referral.

The Family Service Coordinator's roles include:

  • Scheduling the child's eligibility evaluation.

  • Facilitating all early intervention meetings including IFSP and transition meetings.

  • Supporting the family in identifying available services.

  • Connecting the family with available resources.

  • Ensuring the child and family receive the rights, procedural safeguards, and services authorized to be provided under the Kansas Infant-Toddler Services program.

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